Supiore Uno

The first boat of our series


An integrated and walkable foredeck of solar cells, a powerful electric motor, LED lighting, a luxurious interior, a unique look and ample seating for 7 people: we would like to introduce you to the Supiore Uno. The first boat of our series.



when to order Lyrica level Model: Uno Size (lxw): 5,25 x 2,40 meters

The special shape of the hull ensures optimal stability, making that the Supiore Uno hardly tilts and hardly generates waves. Thanks to the epoxy impregnated frame the Supiore Uno is virtually maintenance free. The foamed double walls make the Uno unsinkable.

The extremely quiet and efficient electric motor, which is controlled by our house designed microprocessor technology, provides an efficient and economical drive, both when sailing forward and when sailing in reverse. The top speed of the Supiore Uno is software limited to 12 kilometres per hour or 6 knots. Because of this limitation, you may handle this pleasure yacht without a license.


In full sun, the solar cell foredeck has a loading capacity of approximately 400 watts. This charges the batteries by about 5% per hour. The wall plug increases the charging percentage to about 20% per hour. The special design of the foredeck ensures that, if you lay on it, the charging of the batteries does not stop, but will only decrease slightly.


The large folding table contains a barbecue, a bottle cabinet and a cool food storage, so that you can not only enjoy drinks, but also prepare a great meal. You will also find plenty of inboard storage for your belongings.

The range of the Supiore Uno is an admirable 4 hours at cruise speed. While you sail, the batteries will continue to charge constantly. With the extra battery pack (option), the range can be extended to 8 hours

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